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The Arascina story

About us

The Arascina story

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We are here to make you resilient to disruption and change by upskilling and mentoring you, your organisation and your professional association in emerging tech risk and security.

Why Arascina?

Arascina was adapted from the Latin name for a rare butterfly species found in Scandinavia in the 1800s.

Over the past century, it has spread its wings (excuse the pun) to other countries and preserved itself from extinction.

With the drastic change in climate and as surroundings became warmer, this butterfly species learned to adapt to new environments and showed the world how to transform rarity into resiliency as opposed to extinction.

We believe in the same concept.

Learn, grow, adapt and rebrand – the essence of resiliency that puts you in the best position when facing disruption.

What's the second growth spurt?

Unlike humans, reptiles and other mammals that only have one growth phase, a butterfly has two growth phases.

The first is hatching from an egg into a caterpillar and the second is the emerging from a pupa into a butterfly.

We believe that this growth phase should also apply to you.

With the rate of change of technology in the world, it is necessary for your organisations and professional associations to upskill, reskill and cross-skill in emerging technology risk so as to stay relevant and a step ahead of upcoming change.

This second stage of adult learning and growth is what we term the second growth spurt.