Strategic sense - an outstanding move

Risk recipes cooked for your appetite

Cyber threats revealed in your rear-view mirror

Learn, Re-learn,



Emerging tech to develop with tech

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Every individual, organisation and professional association that sets sail also needs to weather any storm.


Tap into talent – let our consulting and advisory services keep you sailing with the 5 things you, as your ship’s captain, needs.


Charting the course of sail for you and your business.


Giving you greater control of the wheel with risk-based decision-making.


Protecting the hull of your ship from external threats.


Enhancing your vision past any iceberg.

Emerging Tech

Enabling new parts to your ship to increase its speed and efficiency.

What we can help you with

  • Thought-provoking strategy sessions
  • Commercial risk strategy
  • Future roadmaps
  • Board risk awareness sessions
  • Business risk awareness sessions
  • BCP/DR
  • Crisis Management
  • CRO 1:1 advisory and insights sessions
  • Board cyber awareness sessions
  • Business cyber awareness sessions
  • Board & Board Risk Committee cyber risk advisory and insights
  • Board & Board Risk Committee emerging tech risk advisory and insights
  • CIO/CISO 1:1 cyber risk integration sessions
Upskilling, reskilling and cross-skilling
  • Organisational initiatives to upskill, reskill and cross-skill
  • Invoking curiosity for the need to learn new skills
Emerging Tech
  • Board emerging tech risk awareness sessions
  • Business emerging tech risk awareness sessions
  • CTO/CIO 1:1 advisory and insights sessions