SME Cyber program

As an SME owner, understand cyber elements for your business and develop a cyber protection program covering exposures, preparations and responsiveness.

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When cybercrime makes the news, it is typically because a large organization has fallen victim to an attack. However, contrary to what many may think, very small organizations are just as enticing to criminals as large ones, and, in certain ways, maybe even more so.

These incidents can and have put small companies out of business. Therefore, it is crucial that even very small businesses should take precautions to avoid becoming a target.


Data Breach Incident Report 2022

Course Overview

An SME business is just as big a target as larger organisations. As such, owners must remain vigilant and use their resources effectively and efficiently when it comes to their cyber security posture.

This 5-week course, takes you through the essential cyber terminology and models that you need as a foundation and then teaches in a guided manner how to build a cyber protection program tailored to your SME business. By the end of the course, you will have your very own mini framework for covering security exposures, preparations and responsive plans.

What you get and outline

Module 1

Intro to cyber security

Understand and get across the cyber models and terminology that you need to be aware of in an organisation.

Module 2

Cyber exposures

Learn to map out where your business is exposed to cyber threats and establish a plan to monitor them on an ongoing basis.

Module 3

Cyber preparations

Highlight where your business is vulnerable and create a framework for monitoring and addressing them across your operations.

Module 4

Cyber responsiveness

Learn to develop a cyber response plan for your business.

Module 5

Where and how to get started

Bring all the previous modules together into your cyber protection program and gain some bonus practical lessons so that you can create action plans for your SME business going forward.

Self-reported financial losses due to cybercrime in Australia-based cybercrime reports totalled more than $33 billion (AUD).

Small businesses made a higher number of cybercrime reports than in the previous financial year; however, medium businesses had the highest average financial loss per cybercrime report.

Australian Cyber Security Centre

ACSC Annual Cyber Threat Report, with Australian Federal Police (AFP) and Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission

Value to you

Business security posture

You are an SME owner with limited resources for cyber security. Here you will learn the key cyber elements and apply them, walking away with a tailored cyber security protection program for your business.

Save time and money

You will receive a burst of knowledge and be taught how to assess your company’s security posture while building a protection program fit for your SME business. Short and sharp at only 5 weeks part-time.

Acquire practical skills for your business

You can read theory anywhere. This course shows you how to apply it through worked examples in class and a project that simulates what you would be required to do to oversee the security posture of your business.

Connect with global peers

It’s nice to know there are other like-minded learners like you. What better way than to learn socially together and build your network globally.

Best suited for

Owners and key decision-makers of SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprise) businesses that would like to be taught to build their own mini cyber security program as it pertains to their business.

Course FAQ

How is this different from other online courses?

This course will provide you with immersive learning, critical thinking and you walk away with a skill that you can use in your business.

If you are looking for a few videos to watch followed by a multiple choice quiz to get a certificate, then this course is likely not for you.

How will this course be delivered?

Classes are run live online with an instructor. An orientation pack will be provided one week prior to classes commencing, which includes your confirmed weekday for the instructor-led class.

This ensures you receive direct access to leading expertise and can ask questions in class, thereby reinforcing your learning as you go.

Which cohort do I get?

As a learner, we want you to get the maximum benefit from your global cohort-learning experience:

  • Upon registration, you will be assigned into a small cohort for optimal instructor-led, online face-to-face classes; and
  • Each week, you will have the opportunity to be learning with like-minded peers as part of a community of other cohorts.

An orientation pack will be provided one week prior to classes commencing, which includes your confirmed weekday for the instructor-led class.

What learners are saying

“[The instructor] helped demystify cyber and I gained invaluable practical skills I can use in providing risk advice on cyber projects. I would highly recommend this course.”

Governance, Risk & Compliance leader

Financial Services, Australia

“I was wondering how [the presenter] was going to make the topic of Cyber Resilience interesting. The presentation style was highly engaging and valuable for regulating the financial services sector in our country.”


Regulator, Qatar

“The case studies were very useful and something we cannot get just by Googling. Thank you for a very nice session.”

Senior Associate

Banking sector, Mauritius

“The practical project meant that I got to bring all the knowledge taught together and apply it to a real situation for my role.”


Consulting, Australia

“Personally it was a very engaging session.”

Senior Executive

Regulator, India

“I am now reading more and more articles on cyber – so this will be a lifelong interest.”

Risk & Compliance leader

Financial Services, Australia

“The course has provided me insight into how cyber is integral in so many aspects of our daily work and lives.”

Audit & Risk Manager

Insurance sector, New Zealand

“Interesting perspectives and considerations into the topic of ransomware.”


Financial Services Sri Lanka

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