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Addressing the skills gap in emerging technology risk and security

PrivSec Global invited our CEO, Sumeet Kukar, for a fireside chat moderated by Branko Ninkovic, board member of the Australian Information Security Association (AISA). He shared:

  • An overview of the global landscape changes across 2020 to 2025 that will show what new skills are needed according to the World Economic Forum (WEF)
  • The nature of upskilling and how to put such methods into practice
  • The “skills conundrum” and how to prepare for it
  • The third pillar and how to tap into this as a solution to the skills gap
PrivSec Global Sumeet Kukar Branko Ninkovic
Clariden Global

Hacker mindset in upskilling

Clariden Global invited our CEO, Sumeet Kukar, to present a keynote at the AUSEC Global Cybersecurity Summit. He shared:

  • The top 5 hacker mindset styles that you can adopt with any Board, C-suite or non-tech stakeholder prior to starting a new organisational initiative
  • Upskilling your risk and non-IT teams from The Matrix effect to catch the 5 key threats to your next project
  • Introducing a fusion of cognitive and psychological research into the cybersecurity sector to apply across the world
Clariden Global Sumeet Kukar Presentation
COBA Bridges

Winner of Australia’s Emerging Leader of the Year

Our CEO, Sumeet Kukar, was awarded the winner of Australia’s Emerging Leader of the Year by COBA and Bridges.

Winner of Australia's Emerging Leader of the Year Sumeet Kukar (Bridges COBA)
FST Media – Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia

Future of Security: Branching out enterprise security from the Risk Tree

FST Media invited our CEO, Sumeet Kukar, to present a keynote at the Future of Security conference. He shared:

  • The group of 7 (the 7 key risk elements one can learn to translate into their cyber resiliency)
  • How risk permeates cyber across the organisation
  • How you can use the risk tree to extract security vectors and link them to risk elements, in order to take on security from business units all the way to the Board
FST Media Sumeet Kukar Future of Security Presentation
FST Media – Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia

Security Leaders’ Panel

Hosted by FST Media, we shared:

  • How emerging technologies are reshaping cyber security risks and controls
  • Strategies to infuse security culture into enterprise DNA in financial services
  • Rethinking security governance as cyber risk evolves into business risk
  • Grappling with today’s changing regulatory outlook and growing cyber skills shortage
FST Cyber Security Leaders' Panel Sumeet Kukar
Risk Management Institute of Australasia

Building Resiliency: BCP learnings from across the world

The Risk Management Institute of Australasia (RMIA) invited our CEO, Sumeet Kukar, to present a keynote at their flagship event. He shared BCP insights from around the world in both the public sector and other private industries:

  • Using the Rubric of 9 (the 9 key events around the globe that you can translate into facets of your organisational resiliency)
  • Key questions that stem from these events that you should ask your Board and be considered by management
  • How these were considered in light of BCP uplift programs implemented at other organisations to instil a resiliency culture
RMIA Flagship Sumeet Kukar Presentation
Risk Management Institute of Australasia

Cyber security panel

Hosted by The Risk Management Institute of Australasia (RMIA), we shared:

  • How to integrate cyber into an organisation’s Enterprise Risk Management Framework (ERMF)
  • Steps to uplift the cyber maturity across different industries
  • Techniques to stregthen cyber resilience at the Board and C-suite levels within your organisation
  • Addressing the skills gap across cyber, technology and data risk
RMIA Panel Sumeet Kukar

More insights

Looking to gain more insights on the above areas? Perhaps you’d like a keynote session at your conference or a workshop at your organisation or Board. We’d love to have a chat to understand your journey.


  • Upskill your team
  • Emerging technology
  • Cyber security
  • Risk management
  • Ethical hacking
  • BCP and crisis management
  • Organisational resiliency

Workshops (inc. virtual)

  • Education and awareness
  • Global insights and trends
  • Key questions for Boards
  • Cyber simulations
  • Risk tolerances and appetites
  • Strategic decisioning
  • Organisational governance