Upskilling: Solving the global skills gap one leap at a time


Continue to build your skills and expertise in your current domain.


Divest your skills and expertise into an adjacent domain.


Expand your skills and expertise into a totally different discipline.

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So what’s going on around the world?

The 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR)

As we continue our journey of digital transformation at an accelerated rate, we have a greater affinity towards interconnectivity. This interconnected and blended cyber physical system rich in IoT is the next industrial revolution.

Arascina Fourth Industrial Revolution

The top 10 skills for the workforce by 2025

It is a common fallacy to think that robots will take all of our jobs. What the World Economic Forum (WEF) highlights is that new jobs will emerge and displace others. Of the top 10 growing job demand, 8 relate to skills in Emerging Technology.

WEF 2025 Landscape

And the global statistics show…



The World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Future of Jobs Report 2020 indicates that 50% of the workforce will require reskilling by 2025.



McKinsey estimates that 1 in 3 of the workforce across 42 countries could be displaced due to 4IR if we did not upskill (WEF Global Agenda: Fourth Industrial Revolution).


The Gap

A McKinsey Global Survey showed that 87% of executives are currently facing a skills gap in the workforce or expecting it by 2025.



Only a third of leaders surveyed say that their capability-building programs succeed at achieving desired outcomes and business impact.

If 8/10 skills required are in Emerging Technology, what do I focus on?

Focus on a fusion of three elements when you upskill

Arascina skills fusion volumetric flasks

What are my upskilling options? The 3 pillars

Pillar 1: Educational Institutions
Learning type
Degree or Diploma
12 months +
Learning style
Structured syllabus, but flexible
Sound foundational understanding
What you get
Undertake when...
You need to know all the theory
Pillar 3: Arascina
Learning type
Fusion learning
Immersive upskilling
4-6 weeks, part-time
Learning style
Flexible and tailored to you
Practical work outcome
What you get
Undertake when...
You need to apply it
Pillar 2: Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)
Learning type
Online course
1 day to 12 months
Learning style
Structured videos
Awareness of topic
What you get
Undertake when...
You want to refresh or know more

Meet some of the types of Arascina upskillees

Job Seeker
Aaron is looking to land a job in security, which is where his passion is. He sees a great role to advance his career, whereby the company is transitioning areas to the cloud. One of their requirements is experience developing a framework around cloud incident management and BCP, which Aaron did not get a chance to do in his previous roles.

Aaron undertakes an immersive upskill with Arascina, learning the essence of cloud risk and security. He then builds a mini incident and BCP framework for the practical component, to plug the current experience gap.

Field Transitioner
Sunita is currently an executive leader in operational risk. Her thought-leadership and experience in the field is considered of highly by her peers. Her current organisation has been changing its technology infrastructure as part of its transformation projects and so Sunita is called upon to provide risk advice to the Board from a cyber risk perspective, which is not where her expertise is.

Sunita undertakes an immersive reskill with Arascina, learning a fusion of risk management and cyber security. She then builds a cyber risk profile as part of the practical component, using her current organisation as an example, which she can then leverage for her Board reporting.

Team Advocate
Kwame and Akari are the Chief Risk Officer and Chief Information Security Officer respectively, of their organisation. They are about to face new legislation on the retention and use of customer data. Kwami leads his risk division, whom drives the embedding of the group Risk Management Framework (RMF). His teams consists of specialists in operational, market and technology risk but not data risk. Akari leads her technology division, whom enables the business operations and acts as data custodians. Her team is currently all technical, with some only having an awareness of privacy and compliance requirements.

Both Kwame and Akari decide to have their teams upskill together with Arascina in data. They learn complementary skillsets and establish their organisation’s data security and risk programs in response to upcoming regulatory and legislative changes. Kwame and Akari gain multi-dimensional teams and do not need to double their salary expenses from hiring another team.

Community Driver
Eloísa and Federico are board members on professional associations covering various professions, such as information security, risk management, audit, actuarial, law, accounting and finance. While they strive to grow memberships, their primary objective is to provide value to their members.

With an ever growing opportunity to network through other mediums, individuals are seeking more upskilling and continuing education opportunities from their associations and are choosing not to belong if they see no benefit. Eloísa and Federico decide to partner with Arascina to provide access to immersive upskilling for their members.

Academia Connector
Siân is an academic at the University. As part of her postgraduate and executive education offerings, she decides there is a benefit to connect with industry and practical components to give her students a wider outlook. She decide to partner with Arascina to collaborate on content and the industry lens for immersive cross-skilling.

Our secret adult learning formula


The number of methodologies we deploy to engage, energise and educate with immersive experiences.


The number of learning levels to choose from so you can grow at your own pace.



Your potential from upskilling, reskilling and cross-skilling with us.

Mix and match

Choose a learning domain

Choose a learning level

Choose a learning track

Reach out to us to understand what might be the most suitable option for you, your organisation and your professional association.

If your desired track is not available yet, feel free to let us know and we will prioritise its launch 🙂

Our learning domains











Our learning levels

This level’s focus is to upskill you to a foundational level such that you can undertake day-to-day operational activities.

Capability: Activity delivery

Portfolio: Build the basics for your organisation in emerging technology

Best for: Junior team members that require the skills for execution of work deliverables and tasks, or for those seeking to transition into a new area.

This level’s focus is to upskill you to a senior level such that you can manage and run operational initiatives.

Capability: Initiative management

Portfolio: Build and manage programs for your organisation in emerging technology

Best for: Management that require the skills for building programs and models to meet the strategic needs of their organisation.

This level’s focus is to upskill you to an executive level such that you can establish and govern overarching programs for your organisation.

Capability: Strategic development

Portfolio: Establish strategic programs for your organisation in emerging technology

Best for: C-suites and divisional leaders that require the skills for broad oversight and establishment of strategic initiatives. Boards may also find this useful or alternatively, they can seek the workshops on the media page for sessions tailored to higher governance.